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Revue de presse - Le Collectif VAN sur le site du GPN [Genocide Prevention Now]
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Le Collectif VAN est honoré de voir son travail repris et apprécié par le Professeur Israel Charny, sur le site GPN de The Institute on the Holocaust and Genocide [Jerusalem].

Collectif VAN Presents Armenian Mini-Posters

2 mini-posters from a series of 8. GPN will continue to publish the series in future issues. Click here to view and learn more about the posters as well as to read about the excellent organization that created them.
Reprinted with the Permission of Collectif Van

Mini-posters by Collectif VAN: Honoring Armenian, Jewish, Tutsi and Darfur Victims
Issue 6, Spring 2011

Mini-posters by Collectif VAN: Honoring Armenian, Jewish, Tutsi and Darfur Victims

© A beautiful and meaningful set of posters designed by Séta Papazian for Collectif VAN [Vigilance Armenienne contre le Négationnisme]. Reprinted with the Permission of Collectif VAN.

Created on May 8, 2004, Collectif VAN, based in Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine, France), celebrated its five years of existence in 2009. It has carried out more than 60 awareness-raising activities about genocides and their denial. Original paintings by artist Marc Aram, dibasar, Marguerite Mateossian, Laurent Nissou and Vitche of the APAF (Association of the Armenian Artists in France), were shown on the front sides of the steles: representing huge silhouettes of men or women, 3 meters in height, they honored Armenian, Jewish, Tutsi and Darfuri victims.

GPN will publish other posters from this series in each of several forthcoming issues. For a brochure of the activities of Collectif VAN, see

Readers who are interested in an excellent weekly source of news and information (mainly in French) about denials of the Armenian Genocide will find it on

Every year up to 3,000-4,000 people visit Collectif VAN's outside exhibition in Paris aiming at raising awareness of genocides and of their denial. Collectif VAN organizes this event by themselves, but are - morally - supported by many French, German, Turkish and other human rights organizations.

List of the 17 French, German and Turkish associations which supported Collectif VAN on its 2010 yearly Day of raising awareness of genocides and their denial :

Germany : AGA [Working Group Recognition Against genocide for international understanding - Berlin] – SKD [Association of opponents to genocides - Soykırım Karsıtları Derneği - Ali Ertem – Frankfurt am Main]
France : Aircrige [Association internationale de recherche sur les crimes contre l'humanité et les génocides] - CUD [Collectif Urgence Darfour] - CPCR [Collectif des Parties Civiles pour le Rwanda] - Communauté Chypriote de France - CRF [Communauté Rwandaise de France] - IACS [Institut Assyro-Chaldéen-Syriaque] - Ibuka France - Institut Kurde de Paris - L'Arche [Le mensuel du judaïsme français] - Licra - MEMORIAL 98 - SOS Racisme - UEJF [Union des Etudiants Juifs de France] - Vigilance Soudan.
Turkey : The Human Rights Association - HRA [in Turkish, İnsan Hakları Derneği, IHD] an affiliated member of the FIDH.

A touching story from Collectif Van: In April 2010, a young Turkish student was at the center of a small commotion because while she had come to visit the Cathedral as a tourist, she stumbled on our exhibits and started crying over the crimes committed by Turkey. She seemed to be inconsolable, and we were moved to tears too, more than she was. She even decided to attend the Armenian Memorial service at Notre-Dame on that same afternoon. An intellectual from Turkey who was there too wrote an article about that touching encounter that appeared in Taraf, a progressive Turkish daily

Collectif VAN [Vigilance Arménienne contre le Négationnisme]
BP 20083, 92133 Issy-les-Moulineaux - France
Phone : 33 (0)9 50 72 33 46
Séta Papzian, President

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  Collectif VAN [Vigilance Arménienne contre le Négationnisme]
BP 20083, 92133 Issy-les-Moulineaux - France
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